NEW Pores no More anti – aging mattifying lotion


Dr. Brandt - New pores no more anti - aging mattifying lotion

Being into beauty products the way I am – I’ve heard about every skincare or makeup line known to man.  I’ve been reading about Dr. Brandt for years and often seen his skincare products lining the shelves at Sephora.

Dr. Brandt is a renowned dermatologist who specializes in innovative skincare treatments that target specific areas, maintaining healthy, radiant and age-less looking skin.

Growing older my skin care concerns have turned to skin resurfacing and adult acne.  I love love love Pores no more anti-aging mattifying lotion.  I immediately saw a huge difference,  my pores disappeared, my skin was clear and radiant.  Pores no more also addresses skin care concerns with adult acne – and keeps skin looking younger over time.  This product gets a TEN!

Pores no more is a skincare collection whose key ingredients include:

Apple Stem Cells – Plant stem cells derived from a rare Swiss apple, maintaining the longevity and activity of stem cells in the skin. Helps delay the natural signs of aging.

Retistar – Stabilized retinol that increases cellular renewal, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – making skin appear softer and smoother.

Aquaxyl – Hydrating agent that harmonizes skin’s moisture balance, increases water reserves, limits water loss and improves lipid barrier function.

Alpine Extract – Minimizes the size of pores, controls oil production and prevents inflammation.

Micronized Powder – Provides matte finish, absorbs surface oils.

I’m definitely going to incorporate Pores no more skincare products into my daily routine.  I’m taking the doctor home with me.


Dr. Brandt skincare is available nationwide at

Dr. Brandt skincare available at


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2 thoughts on “NEW Pores no More anti – aging mattifying lotion

  1. anita- i’m so glad that you mentioned this on your blog because i’ve been meaning to do some research on products that will minimize my pores. can’t wait to try it! 🙂

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