This is the bible of beauty – I’ve seen this magazine sitting on the shelf at magazine stands, book stores and glanced through it but never purchased it, it looked like just a lot of advertising.

Until I saw Madonna on the cover and  bit the bullet.  I’ve been in love with it ever since – I’m constantly reading New Beauty cover to cover, it’s the most informative magazine out in the market today.  It’s all about women’s health, and self-improvement.

New Beauty explains what products work best for specific beauty issues, and gives you the names of the products that have the best reputation.

It’s a glossary for those of us contemplating surgical procedures and looking for the long-term effect of using age appropriate beauty products, because let’s face it, sometimes we need more than just a good moisturizer. This magazine gets a TEN!


I don’t know about you, but I’m getting age appropriate!

New Beauty also offers daily beauty give aways – sign up today!!


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