City Girl in Red Lipstick: Kathy Kemp, Designer, Owner, ANNA Made in NYC

Kathy Kemp is a designer and her shop is a destination in New York. I recently found out that she too wears our favorite hue, so I had to ask her why red was her go-to: It’s easy and amplifies the look of everything from jeans and a t-shirt to an evening gown. Kathy Kemp,Continue reading “City Girl in Red Lipstick: Kathy Kemp, Designer, Owner, ANNA Made in NYC”

Crimson Pouts – Status Symbols

I recently had the opportunity to interview designer and cosmetics historian Gabriela Hernandez of Bésame Cosmetics and asked her various questions, but two questions were about our favorite hue. What makes red lipstick a status symbol: I think red lipstick is timeless because the color red has so many connotations as being a sign ofContinue reading “Crimson Pouts – Status Symbols”

Wish List : It’s a Crimson Obsession

Nobody needs lipstick, especially red lipstick. But why not? I’ve purchased 6 different shades within the last three months, preparing for the end of the pandemic, or for days like today when I will be outside and more than 6 feet apart from strangers. Violet Grey means it’s been tested and tried, perfect. Reds IContinue reading “Wish List : It’s a Crimson Obsession”