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I first heard of Jan Marini skincare at a cocktail party – the woman who was sharing her beauty secrets had the most amazing skin.  Suddenly the opportunity presented itself for me to test Marini’s New Age-Intervention Prime, I agreed without hesitation.

I was an easy target for skin care products that promised to reverse the signs of aging – especially the signs caused by neglect. My skin needed interference.

Age-Intervention Prime is the first anti-aging primer that delivers an instant airbrushed effect.  I was excited to try it and afterwards couldn’t stop looking in the mirror.

My skin looked flawless, and my features were softer, I was camera ready and I wasn’t wearing makeup.  I was impressed with the immediate results, so much that later in the afternoon my friend Chris accused me of wearing makeup and I wasn’t.  I laughed, without foundation my skin looked polished and radiant-my pores and imperfections were minimized.

Jan Marini has been researching skin care for over three decades, developing new skin care technologies that deliver fast results.  Marini’s treatments are used worldwide to treat severe skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, and sun damage.  After trying New Age-Intervention Prime, I believed it.

Age-Intervention Prime’s key ingredients are a potent combination of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory technologies that with continuous use lessen the appearance of aging flaws.

The formula targets an increase in elasticity, adding skin volume and providing protection against wrinkles and inflammation.  Your skin will automatically look and feel younger, mine did.

I loved it so much I’m making my younger sister try it – I love the idea of being airbrushed, New Age-Intervention Prime gets a TEN!


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Dawn Patrice Skincare Studio

The Flood Building

870 Market Street #1188

San Francisco, CA 94102



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