Beautiful Healthy Hair w/ Jan Marini

Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner is breakthrough technology for thinning, aging, chemically and environmentally damaged hair.  One of the Key ingredients in Marini Hair is a propriety peptide that promotes thicker, fuller and luxurious hair.   I noticed instantly the increased fullness – my hair was lush and gorgeous! I love having happy full and luxurious hair!  Continue reading “Beautiful Healthy Hair w/ Jan Marini”

Age Intervention gentle cleanser by Jan Marini

I’m usually a fan of cleansers that deliver a frothy lather, however I love Jan Marini Skincare – especially the Age Intervention collection.  I admit it, I’m after the fountain of youth.    Jan Marini skincare is for all skin types, and offers a range of solutions for problematic skin and helps maintain skin for optimal health.Continue reading “Age Intervention gentle cleanser by Jan Marini”

BIOGLYCOLIC FACIAL LOTION: Keeping your skin blemish free with Jan Marini

I love Jan Marini skincare products, it’s no secret I suffer from adult acne and since I’ve been getting older I’m concerned with skin resurfacing.  BIOGLYCOLIC FACIAL LOTION helps me keep my skin blemish free and soft and smooth.  This amazing lotion aids the skin in retaining hydration, evens out skin tone ( I suffer fromContinue reading “BIOGLYCOLIC FACIAL LOTION: Keeping your skin blemish free with Jan Marini”

Sunkissed Neutral Daily Face Protectant by Jan Marini

I’m getting ready to take my summer vacation in Maui.  The last time I was there I fell in love with Jet skiing, playing in the Pacific Ocean and laying out. What is a girl to do when she wants to look polished and have sun protection at the same time? My solution is toContinue reading “Sunkissed Neutral Daily Face Protectant by Jan Marini”

Regeneration Facial Mask

Since I started getting older my skincare concerns have turned to skin resurfacing.  I’ve been testing Jan Marini’s Regeneration Facial Mask, and after three weeks of using the mask I started to see improvement in my areas of concern. I loved using the mask, I felt the mask working to remove the dead surface skin, leaving my skinContinue reading “Regeneration Facial Mask”