Hair by RevitaLash

Hair by RevitaLash

Women suffer from hair loss for various reasons, usually it’s an overall thinning that’s caused by age, stress and pregnancy. Our bodies change as we get older, and vitamins are essential.

I read that women need to take biotin and iron supplements, which I started doing.  I’ve seen improvements since I began taking vitamins, but my hair is still thin and fine.  I’m vain about my hair and I’ll try any piece of hair product that holds the promise of volumizing my hair.

Hair by ReviatLash dropped into my lap and it’s the best volumizing hair product I’ve tried so far.  I noticed within six days that my hair was thicker and fuller.  It’s important to be consistent and use Hair by RevitaLash daily for maximum results.

Hair by RevitaLash is a hair conditioner that behaves like a treatment.  It is a cosmetic breakthrough that fortifies and conditions the hair; enhancing the appearance of fine, thin and fragile hair.  Transforming your hair in a matter of weeks.

I recently started using Hair by RevitaLash as a spot treatment in the areas that need it.  I’m very happy with the results, my hair looks healthy and happy.  I’ve tried countless hair products trying to achieve what Hair by RevitaLash achieved in six days.

Hair by RevitaLash gets a TEN!


* Hair by RevitaLash is not a treatment for Alopeccia Areate, for severe hair loss see a dermatologist.


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