Thicker & Luxurious Tresses with PhilipB

PhilipBYou guys know me, if it say’s on the bottle or jar that it thickens your hair instantly, I’m in.  I am in love.  I sprayed this into my freshly dried hair, I did it the best that  I could given the circumstances that I’m hair inept.   I mean really, I need expert products otherwise I wouldn’t look as nice and I think I do.

INSTA-THICK is part of the Russian Amber Imperial haircare collection by Hair Maestro Philip B. And it’s only the 2nd item I’ve tried and what can I say, so far I have not been disappointed.

I just wish I could go to his hair institute in New York or London, wouldn’t that be exciting? The price may seem pricey, but it isn’t because it’s generous and a little goes a long way.


Hair Obsessed

HaircareI am obsessed with my hair, I admit it.  If I’m running late it’s because my hair isn’t behaving properly.

This weekend I had a daytime wedding to attend, and styling my hair became a mini occupation, why? Because it was going to be outdoors and I was in need of a trim.

These are the products I used to achieve a style I was comfortable and happy with.

I again used Leonor Greyl products, Oribe and added Redken to the mix.

I know that by using Leonor Grely and Oribe I am guaranteed gorgeous tresses.

What products do you use when having a great hair-day is important?

Keeping It Simple – Weekend Beauty Routine

photoI don’t know about you guys, but I like to keep it simple on the weekends.  Unless of course I have a date I’m nervous about.  Nervous because there are some men that just make a woman nervous, if you know what I mean.

Since I wear makeup 5 days a week and blow-dry my hair, it makes sense that I’m just lazy come Saturday morning, especially if it’s a beautiful day.

I wear no makeup, except for my eyebrows and maybe a CC or BB Cream, but highly unlikely.

This past weekend, was no exception and my beauty routine was easy-peasy.

1. Eye Cream – don’t forget to use one with anti-aging benefits, by Orlane.

2. Facial Oil with antioxidant protection and hydration, by Sunday Riley.

3. Lip Balm – this one is the best by Homeoplasmine.

4. Eyelash enhancer by Talika Lipocils.

5. Rodan Lip Balm for a bit of color.

6. Eyebrow Pencil by “IT” Cosmetics, the best I’ve ever tried.

7. Serum De Soie by Leonor Greyl – I let my hair air-dry and this keeps it silky smooth and frizz free all day.

There you have it, mind you I didn’t take any pictures of myself.  Not that I didn’t look nice, it’s just not the version of myself I want caught on film.

So, what’s your weekend beauty routine like?




haircareI’m obsessed with my hair, I’m a Leo after all. A brush I swear by is the Tangle Teezer, it keeps my hair silky smooth and tangle free.

Another item I can’t live without is my Huile de Palm by Leonor Greyl.  I apply it in the evenings and rinse it out the following morning, results are lust-worthy locks.

I also mix in Oribe and Serge Normant for styling my tresses, this is for when I need to make an impression, like a date etc.

I also only use haircare accessories by Alexandre de Paris, my sisters and I are crazy for them.


So, what haircare items are you guys using?

Haircare Secrets – Leonor Greyl


I know Ashley Green isn’t wearing red lipstick, but just look at her hair?  Not a frizz in sight, it’s smooth, sleek and chic.

She has my hair.  The great news is that her stylist, Richard Collins  used Leonor Greyl to achieve this effortless style. And you’re not going to believe this, but only three products were applied, this is the technique.

“Next, I took Leonor Greyl’s Éclat Naturel, massaged it into my hands, and using my palms smoothed the product on the top of her hair and along the bang area going across the front of her face.  This styling cream has a bit of shine to it, which is really nice, and exactly what I wanted.

To set the look, I sprayed the Laque Souple on a toothbrush and smoothed down any flyaways along her hairline and around the ear.

Lastly, to finish the look, I took some Éclat Naturel on my fingers and ran it through the hair around her face, concentrating on the ends and piecing it through a little bit, but made sure it wasn’t too saturated.  This kept the look shiny, instead of greasy.” – Richard Collins.

Doesn’t she look lovely?

Taming Frizzy Hair – Rene Furterer

LisseI’m obsessed with taming my frizzy hair, I’ll try anything and find that using the same haircare products on a daily basis doesn’t mean they will always work the way you want them to.

In other words I found various haircare products that work, I add them into my rotations and use them when the current item I’m using out-wears it’s welcome.  Basically ladies, you have to rotate your beauty products to benefit the most by them.

One item I found that helps with the frizz is the Lissea Thermal Protectant Smoothing Spray by Rene Furterer.

I mist my long precious locks before applying my volumizing mousse and my frizzies are cut down to a minimum.

Rene Furterer is serious haircare that began as a treatment for problematic hair, it’s chemical free and good for you.

Isn’t it time you switched up your A game?

Model recommended Haircare – Leonor Greyl

leonorgreylI first heard of Leonor Greyl reading the European fashion magazines and on blogs like  Everyone was raving about it, especially the models that sat in chairs for hours before a fashion shoot or show.

Their claim was that it was the only brand that saved their precious locks during color changes, wigs, hair tools etc.

Well, I’ve become a fan and know exactly what they are talking about, it really is the best natural haircare collection available.

Creme Moelle de Bambou is one of the few shampoos I use that doesn’t require the use of a hair conditioner afterwards, My tresses are left silky smooth, soft and flyaways are more manageable.

I recommend that you invest in a quality shampoo and like fashion you can mix high and low brands, you just have to know your stuff.

I love the Masque Quintessence because it’s one of the few masks that can be applied on dry hair, this works best for me because I hate waiting in the shower for a mask to perform.

Another favorite item that really does tame flyaways is their Serum De Soie, your locks will be smooth, sleek and natural looking.

So, what haircare products do you use?





Lavender Hydrating Mist for Skin & Hair by John Masters Organics


Courtesy of John Masters Organics

John Masters is a visionary ahead of his time, he created one of the first organic luxury haircare lines 20 years ago.  Realizing a need in the beauty industry for organic products he began mixing essential oils and herbs at his kitchen sink.  John Masters Organics has also received countless beauty awards – the most recent being the Best of Green – which he’s won two years in a row!

I don’t know about you, but I hate blow drying  my hair everyday.  My secret weapon for soft, shiny and luxurious hair? John Masters Organics Lavender hydrating mist for skin & hair.  I spray it liberally on my damp hair and the results are gorgeous, shiny happy hair.  The sea salt helps create texture and volume – while the lavender soothes and relaxes.  Plus the soft waves without the frizz are pretty too!

There are over 30 products to choose from, now you can have certified organic products for your skin, hair and home with John Masters Organics.

Lavender hydrating mist for skin & hair by John Masters Organics gets a TEN!


Whole Foods

1765 California Street

San Francisco, CA 94109

Nourishing Treatment for Beautiful Hair by Leonor Greyl

Courtesy of Leonor Greyl
Leonor Greyl is the first Haircare company to create a haircare line using the worlds finest ingredients, for 35 years Leonor Greyl has paved the way from using chemicals to vitamins and natural ingredients that restore, protect and correct the hair. 
I’m a firm believer in creating your own Spa experience at home, that usually means I have two different masks going on at the same time.  On this particular occasion one of the masks I was testing was Leonor Greyl’s Masque Fleurs De Jasmin
The gorgeous scent left me intoxicated, the nourishing hair mask left my hair silky soft and manageable.
Masque Fleur De Jasmin is formulated with pure plant cerimides that leave thin, weak hair stronger  – healthier.
The silk-firming proteins provide flexibility and superior shine.
Masque Fleur De Jasmin detangles while leaving frizzy hair silky, softer and hydrated from within. Plus blow drying time is cut in half.
I love having silky soft and managable hair, isn’t it time you did too?
Masque Fleur De Jasmin by Leonor Greyl gets a TEN!
Telephone: 415-674-4366