Incredibly Soft&Silky Red Carpet Hair

Pro Treatment

During my twenties I experimented with hair dye, stripping my hair from black to brown and every color in-between.  I damaged my hair and have since been unable to find a hair care product that could give me back the hair I was born with.       

Finding the right hair care product was like searching for the Holy Grail, until recently.  I tried a miracle hair treatment mask that gave me back healthy hair – I.S.H Rescue.      

I.S.H Rescue is an Ionic professional hair treatment mask that is made with(HRC) Hair Renewal Crystals – the crystals come from the jojoba plant found in the Sonoran Desert. It’ intense hydration and moisture for the hair from the inside and out.     

The hair mask works when heat is applied from the use of a flat-iron or hair dryer. The heat dissolves the HRC crystals and the moisture penetrates the hair shaft – creating soft and silky hair that lasts for 4-6 weeks.       

It’s important to follow directions and to use the One Minute Miracle Treatment Mask once a week to help maintain results.  The One Minute miracle treatment mask can also be used as a leave in hair conditioner.  I recently started using it that way. The results are healthy hair that is incredibly silky and shiny.       

To maintain the benefits of the Ionic hair mask treatment I recommend that other Ionic hair care products are used in-between at home or professional salon visits.  I also urge patience, it’s a lot of work but it’s worth it.  This product is an insider trade secret – the results are Red Carpet Hair!     

My aquis hair towel and comb glided through my hair. My hair hasn’t looked this silky soft in years.     

This is one City Girl with healthy hair.  I.S.H Rescue gets a TEN!      

To order Ionic Hair products or 1-626-537-3160


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