Regeneration Facial Mask

Age Intervention

Since I started getting older my skincare concerns have turned to skin resurfacing.  I’ve been testing Jan Marini’s Regeneration Facial Mask, and after three weeks of using the mask I started to see improvement in my areas of concern.

I loved using the mask, I felt the mask working to remove the dead surface skin, leaving my skin smoother, clearer and radiant.

The Regeneration Facial Mask is for all skin types, giving the skin a beautiful resurfaced and luminous appearance.  It delivers and infuses the skin with superb skin rebuilding anti-inflammatories and repair properties.

I know that after I get carried away with testing skincare products, and with my tendency to abuse Tazorac I need help repairing my skin.

I’m not repairing my skin from sun exposure, or other forms of abuse and neglect that can take a toll on my skin, are you?

Repair your skin and wake up with noticeably softer and rejuvenated skin!

Jan Marini Regeneration Facial Mask gets a TEN!


Dawn Patrice Skincare Studio

The Flood Building

870 Market Street #1188

San Francisco, Ca 94102



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