Daytime Flattering Shades of Summer Red

Flamenco Lip Stain by Josie Maran $19

I’ve become obsessed with Lip Glazes, Stains and Tints.  I love discovering new ways to wear Red.

If you’ve been avoiding wearing red because the texture of Red Lipstick is usually to thick or heavy, there are modern formulations of Red.

Flamenco by Jose Maran is a gorgeous Red that lasted throughout the day, including meal time.  The color does fade as the day progresses, but I never had to reapply.

I discovered E.L.F Cosmetics, they make a selection of Glazes,Glosses and Tints. The prices are affordable, I went crazy and picked out all the colors I thought I would wear.  You can’t go wrong with $1 dollar price points.  I loved the amazing sheer texture.  I’m not used to wearing glosses, and this is a painless way to test the waters without investing a mini fortune in cosmetics.

Vixen Hypershine Gloss by E.L.F Cosmetics and Red 556 by N.Y.C Color

Another great product is N.Y.C Color Liquid Lip Shine.  Not only is the smell intoxicating, reminds me of Dolly Madison cakes, but the color can be deepened to create a deeper or lighter Red.

These shades are a few of the many options that are now available.  The important thing is to keep an open mind and play with color.  I’m wearing colors and textures I never thought I could wear.

Sheer Reds are amazing for a paired down, but sophisticated look this summer.

Red instantly brightens your complexion and makes your teeth look whiter. Get the radiance that only a great Red can give.


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