An Indulgent Experience, the Shave you’ve been Craving

I’m going to be honest, I hate shaving my legs!  The experience is grueling and sometimes painful.  Recently I had the opportunity to test a few products from Whish and I found myself looking forward to shaving.

The packaging was adorable, pink and black lacquered boxes, but it was the aroma that sent me into heaven, it reminded me of dessert.  After this afternoons workout I decided it was time to shave my legs, again.

I eagerly applied Shave Crave all over my legs and literally had the best shave of my life.  I’ve tried countless shaving creams and lotions, even went as far as to use old hair conditioner.  But nothing compared to Shave Crave.

My legs were smooth and silky soft, softer then usual.  Shaving now isn’t going to seem like such a chore, because it was a clean and smooth shave, and the fragrance was intoxicating.

Whish body care products were created by Jesse and Sam Werner, we have Jesse’s wife to thank, she mentioned to her adoring husband that she whished she had a shaving cream like his and he complied and created these amazing  beauty products.

Whish products are Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Tea& DEA Free and Petrochchemical Free and are all natural.  In addition Whish uses organic ingredients whenever possible.

Whish Body Products, for the shave you’ve been craving!

Shave Crave by Whish gets a TEN!


*available in 4 Lucious scents.

Whish Body Products are also available at Nordstroms


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2 thoughts on “An Indulgent Experience, the Shave you’ve been Craving

  1. This is the BEST EVER shave cream, very close shave, no nicks and I LOVE IT!! I’m trying the hair inhibitor also. Will post on it in a month or so..take a while to work.

    Thanks Anita, another GREAT product!!!!!

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