That Better than-clean, day-after Look

I found myself without a styling hair product for dry hair, and I still needed help combatting frizz.  I walked into Sephora and Veronica pointed me in the right direction, she recommended DIRT by JONATHAN.  

I love this hair product, it’s a water based texturizing paste that gave my hair control, definition, and separation. I loved the smell too, it smelled like almonds.  

I have a confession to make, I usually love the way my hair looks and feels in the mornings, but because I wash it on a daily basis I may not always achieve the texture of the day-after look but with DIRT it wasn’t a problem.  

I had a really good hair day, I was loving my hair! 

Jonathan has a whole line of amazing hair care products available for all hair types.  

DIRT by Jonathan gets a TEN!  




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