~Jane Iredale Liquid Eyeliner – Winner Editors choice Awards, Allure Magazine ~

Editor Choice Award Winner - Allure Magazine

Jane Iredale liquid eyeliner is the winner for best liquid eyeliner at the Editors Choice Awards, Allure Magazine. 

Although my hands weren’t very steady the brush was easy to handle, making it easy to achieve perfect eyes. 

 I loved that the eyeliner didn’t smear or smudge, and stayed in place all day long. 

Jane Iredale liquid eyeliners contain essential oils, that nourish and prevent the drying of the delicate eye area. 

Liquid Eyeliner by Jane Iredale gets a TEN! 


 Available in 6 gorgeous shades. 

Pure Beauty 

2124 Fillmore Street 

San Francisco, CA 94115 

415- 346-2511 



Published by Anita Rivas

Founder, Writer& Editor of www.citygirlinredlipstick.com and www.mylifeinbeauty.com - you can also find me on www.examiner.com

2 thoughts on “~Jane Iredale Liquid Eyeliner – Winner Editors choice Awards, Allure Magazine ~

  1. Hi Anita,
    it’s Angelica from jane iredale. i am glad you liked our liquid eyeliner. I was able to apply it while travelling in a car (my boyfriend was driving) the other morning. It was the Gold, though, and I think the metallics are a little easier for unsteady hands. Here are some other tips for getting a nice clean line, even with the stronger colors: use an eye pencil first, as a template, then paint the liquid liner over it. Also, tilt your head back and look down into the mirror while you apply, and use your free hand to gently lift the eyebrow.

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