Naturally Longer Lashes in 28 days

The first night I tested Talika, I awoke the next morning with more beautiful longer lashes.  Usually it takes two to three weeks to see visible improvement, but with Talika it was overnight.

Doing research for my beauty blog I discovered that Talika was created for patients with third-degree burns.

These patients had few eyelashes or none at all.  I was impressed, someday I’ll never have to wear mascara again.

Clinical studies proved that with the use of Talika Lipocils Expert you will have longer lashes in 28 days.

Talika promotes eyelash growth while conditioning, repigmentation and curling existing lashes.

1) Naturally lengthens eyelashes up to 2.5mm

2) Stimulates eyelash growth

3) Brings shine and protects eyelashes from mascara

Talika Lipocils gets a TEN!


Talika Products are available at Sephora


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