Winner-Allure Editor Choice Awards – TouchBack by ColorMark

TouchBack Gray

It’s no mistake I’m getting older, and I fight the monthly battle of having to cover roots and gray hair.  Men look great sporting salt-n-pepper hair but sadly women don’t.

I’m on a cycle where I need to touch up my roots every six weeks and cover my gray areas every four weeks.  All this constant dying can’t be healthy.

I recently discovered TouchBack by ColorMark. It’s an easy to use marker that covers unwanted gray hair while you’re in-between color appointments.

TouchBack is known as real hair color in a marker, it does not flake or rub off, it can be used with other styling product’s and it’s temporary.

I loved that it covered my gray and it easily washed off in the shower. TouchBack is real hair color that does not penetrate the hair shaft, or effect permanent hair color, it’s a quick band-aid for those moments when you can’t make it to your hair appointment or you’re trying to give your hair a break.

TouchBack by ColorMark gets a TEN!


TouchBack is available in 8 natural colors.


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