Beauty Q&A with Helen Andreos – Former National Lancome Brow and Skincare Specialiste

Helen Andreos in a past life was the National Brow Specialiste for the house of Lancome.  During her early career as the national brow and skincare specialiste for Lancome Cosmetics, Helen participated at various award shows such as the Oscars, Emmy Awards and the MTV Video Music Awards.  Renowned  Nationwide Helen has a Celebrity Clientel list adding Angela Basset, Nelly Furtado, Kathy Bates and Debra Messing among them.

Helen was gracious and took time out of her busy schedule to give me an interview and talk about how to achieve fabulous Brows.

Anita: How did you get started in the brow/skincare business?

Helen: Passion – I was 17 years old when I started grooming my own brows and using skincare.  Grooming my brows was difficult, but with practice I mastered it and now its become second nature.  I love sharing my knowledge with women, I love helping women achieve gorgeous healthy brows and skin.

Anita: How do you feel about permanent eyebrow tattoos?

Helen: If it’s done correctly it can be beautiful – you need to make sure that the balance, length, and color are right.  I recommend doing research and finding a professional tattoo artist.

Anita: What are your favorite brow products and why?

Helen: Revitabrow is my absolute favorite – I know they don’t make claims that they promote eyebrow growth, but I’ve seen results on my clients and on myself.  Revitabrow creates thicker, fuller brows.  Another great product is the Lancome Pencil to Powder, there isn’t anything else out there like it, truly an amazing product  – it has the precision of a pencil but the softness of a powder, it’s not harsh but soft and natural.  Eyebrows shoudnt be dramatic unless you are doing Runway or Photography.

Anita: Do you recommend threading or waxing?

Helen: You can’t get the precision with threading or waxing, you are in danger of removing too much, you can only achieve precision with tweezing.

Anita: Why do you think most women over tweeze?

Helen: Because they don’t know what they are doing, you need a professional and artistry products to fill in, define and to give proper color and balance.

Anita: I recently read in a magazine article that there are some people who shave their eyebrows – what’s your take on that?

Helen: Shaving eyebrows is very bad! Eyebrows have a tendency not to grow back if they are continually shaved or tweezed.

Anita: With so many tweezers available – which is your favorite?

Helen: The Cricket – it lasts longer, grabs hair better and needs less maintenance.  You can purchase it at any Beauty Supply Store.

Anita: Okay – the Question I’ve been dying to ask you, what’s in your famous eyebrow kit?

Helen: My Cricket Tweezer, Jane Iredale brushes, Jane Iredale Concealers, Jane Iredale brow gels, and Revitabrow.

Anita: I recently started testing the bitty brow kit by Jane Iredale and I love it, have you seen it yet?

Helen: No, not yet.  I’m constantly testing new products on myself before I incorporate the ones that work into my brow kit.  What’s the bitty brow kit like?

Anita: It’s travel size and comes with clear wax, brunette powder, three mini brushes and a tiny mirror.  At first I was intimidated by the wax, but after our many conversations I managed to figure out how to use the product and now I can’t put it down, my eyebrows look more natural!

Helen: I’m going to have to take a look at it, I love Jane Iredale.

Anita: I love Jane Iredale products too, it’s the skincare makeup! I know you’re very busy with work and that once you get home its Danny’s time, but I have a few more questions.  Any last-minute words of wisdom?

Helen: Beautiful and healthy skin combined with healthy brows will give anyone a more pulled together look – everything comes together when you have healthy brows, and if you need help growing your brows I recommend Revitabrow, it’s a great way to start, and go to a professional! Waxing, and tweezing are difficult to do on your own.

Anita: Revitabrow was the first eyebrow treatment I tested and I highly recommend it too, are there any new beauty products you want to share with us?

Helen: I recently discovered a great mineral makeup line by La Bella Donna and an amazing suncare line by Color Science, I’m very excited about them.

Anita: Thank you Helen – I can’t wait to visit you at your Brow & Skincare Studio!

Helen Andreos

Brow & Skincare Specialiste

South West Health Professional Center

2664 New Port Blvd.

Costa Mesa, Ca 92627



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2 thoughts on “Beauty Q&A with Helen Andreos – Former National Lancome Brow and Skincare Specialiste

  1. Anita, this product is on my wish list. When I was younger I over tweezed eventhough my mom told me not to mess with my eyebrows…but of course I did, I totally regret it now that I’m older. I have been letting my eyebrows grow back for a couple weeks now, and it is so hard for me to not pick up the twezzers.

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