The Color Design Salon – Yosh for Hair

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 I recently had the most amazing hair experience at The Color Design SalonYosh for Hair.  Anyone who knows  hair color knows that Yosh is the authority of hair color in San Francisco, if not the world. 

The Color Design Salon’s staff is from the original Yosh Salon, that was once housed on Maiden Lane. All the Color Specialists worked with the legendary Yosh for decades and are highly skilled color specialists.

I had the pleasure of meeting Carmen Lara who opened The Color Design Salon in 2007- and Yosh still drops in 4 days a month to maintain the tresses of San Francisco’s élite.

I was lucky, I sat in Victor Camarillo’s chair and he created a symphony of color, my new hair color complemented my skin tone, enhancing the natural beauty of my skin.   I especially loved that the color was light enough that it didn’t look heavy, and the soft highlights looked gorgeous in natural light.  I finally have rich girl hair!

Victor used a combination of formulas, it was like watching a mathematician/ conductor create a symphony of gorgeous, rich natural looking color. He mixed several ingredients to customize a color for me that worked with my lifestyle and skin tone.  My skin was radiant and glowing, I look fresh and vibrant.

The Color Design Salon uses the best and latest in Color Technology products that are mild and safe for all hair types. The Color Design Salon also specializes in the Ombre effect that we are now seeing on celebrities and hipsters alike.

If you aren’t happy with the condition of your hair color or simply looking for a new Color Specialist I highly recommend The Color Design Salon – Yosh for Hair, they are the color experts.

The Color Design Salon – Yosh for Hair gets a TEN!

The Color Design Salon – Yosh for Hair

55 Grant Street 6th Floor

San Francisco, Ca 94108



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