Beauty Profile w/ Marie-Laure Fournier of Fournier Communications

Courtesy of Fournier Communications
Born and raised in Paris, Marie-Laure at the tender age of  19 moved to New York  City to attend college.  After College Marie-Laure hosted a French Radio show geared towards Francophiles of America.  Falling in love with the big apple Marie-Laure never left New York  and started Fournier Communications in 1999.
Fournier Communications is a bridge between Luxury European Beauty Companies and the American Market.  Recently the field of communications has evolved, and Fournier has evolved with it by including consulting and distribution strategies tailoring their clients needs.
Marie-Laure has a busy schedule and took a few minutes to divulge a few of her beauty secrets.
Anita: What are your top 5 favorite beauty products and why?
Marie-Laure: ( Can I have 6 ? )  1. Talikas’s Lash Conditioning Cleanser – We all know mascara is not necessarily the best thing for your eyelashes, but thanks to Talika I am no longer an anti-mascara absolutist.  I have sensitive green eyes, and in addition to conditioning my lashes this makeup remover wipes away all traces of eye makeup without causing irritation or greasiness.
2. Leonor Greyl Huile de Palme – a Pre-Shampoo treatment oil, it’s a classic.  When I started using it, I had started dying my hair to cover the grey.  My hair was so dry and brittle that you could weave baskets out of it!  Now my hair is soft and supple.  I love Huile de palme so much that I sleep with it – it smells divine!  3. Orlane B21 Bio-Mimic Hydrating Mask – As a smoker ( I know it’s bad ) my skin is completely parched.  Using this masque twice a week religiously has helped nourish and restore moisture to my skin.  4. Immunocologie’s Treatment Creme – it’s a new product that has completely changed my life.  Since I started using it, I’ve noticed a major decrease in sunspots, and I don’t need to get facials anymore!  5. Sampar’s Eye Rule – Works amazingly well and it’s a fun product!  You are supposed to apply it twice a day, but I keep one at my desk and use it on average ten times a day!  I love doing the figure-eight motions around my eyes to stimulate lymphatic drainage.  Not to mention that the fine lines around my eyes have disappeared!  6. Votre Vu Tarte d’Amande Body Souffle – is not only deliciously rich and moisturizing on the body: it has improved my sex life!  My husband is crazy about the almond scent, it’s like a galette de rios everyday!
Anita: I want some of that Votre Vu Tarte – I see why you had 6 (Laughs) Next question:  What are your favorite non-brand beauty products and why?
Marie-Laure: 1. Razors – They are cheaper than waxing! 2. Eye Cream – The skin around the eye area is the most delicate and is the first to show age! 3. Moisturizer for face/body – It’s the lingerie of skincare, and I’m French!
4. Buste Cream – The girls are my secret weapon for mass seduction. 5. Foundation – No woman should leave the house without it!  6. Eyeliner – It’s the best tool to look like Bridget Bardot.
Anita: I agree on the buste cream 100% – and I’m enjoying out conversation a lot!  Now for my favorite question, what is your favorite shade of Red Lipstick?
Marie-Laure: Orlane Rouge Pure Soin lipstick in 04, My skin is too fair to pull off a shade that’s too Red ( It would age me) This Red is darker but still dramatic.  It’s also extremely nourishing and moisturizing, my girlfriends are always stealing it from me.
Anita: If you only had 5 minutes in the morning, what beauty products would you use?
Marie- Laure: It usually doesn’t take me more than 5 minutes to get ready.  I’ll just give you my daily routine:  I start with the aforementioned Immunocologie Creme and Sampar Eye Rule to prep my skin for makeup.  Then, I apply Orlane’s Absolute Skin Recovery Foundation, By Terry’s Brown eye shadow, YSL Liquid Liner and Black eye pencil from Nars and Emani Minerals Crushed Mineral Blush, and Voila!
Anita: Any last-minute pearls of wisdom?
Marie-Laure: We’ve all heard the first one many times, but it still astounds me how many people don’t follow this advice so I’ll say it again: Don’t Fall Asleep with Makeup ON! Our bodies are most regenerative and detoxifying when we sleep so we need to let the skin breath.  Also only use de-mineralized water for cleansing, mineral tap water draws out the moisture from your skin making it dehydrated.  If you must use water, gently tap the water onto your skin to cleanse. Otherwise, use a cleansing milk and follow-up with toner.  So many people skip out on the toner, without realizing that toners rebalance the PH of the skin after cleansing.  My current obsession is Patyka’s New Rose Face Toner for dry skin – it smells wonderful and leaves my skin soft and smooth.
Also: Once a year have a thalassotherapy.  You will lose weight, your body will be detoxified, and you will have enough energy to attack the rest of the year.
Anita:  I’ve learned so much, I’m going to follow your advice and start using my toners!  I’m also going to look into all the other amazing beauty products you mentioned – Thank you Marie-Laure!!!

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