Repairing and Calming the skin w/ Talika

Courtesy of Talika
I love this magical Vital Oil by Talika – it’s an intensive  100% plant-based concentrate for severe  dry skin.
I test skincare on a weekly basis and sometimes I need extra hydration, I tend to get excited when testing new skincare products and over do it from time to time.
Vital Oil aids in the fight against wrinkles, regulates sebum for a clearer complextion.  It moisturizes without clogging your pores, softens, detoxes and stimulates your skin.
I love that my skin stays clearer, brighter and softer for weeks, months at a time.
The Vital Oil absorbed easily into my skin, the aromatic properties soothed and calmed my skin and helped me relax from a long day at the office.
Vital Oil by Talika gets a TEN!

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