Ripe & Edible Plum w/ Arbonne Cosmetics

Courtesy of Arbonne Cosmetics
This gorgeous shade of Plum is actually Raisin – either way my lips were ripe and edible.  The color left me breathless, my lips were drenched with vitamins, safflower and sunflower oil that revealed soft kissable lips.
Arbonne Cosmetics created a unique Optlight Technology that diffuses light while providing a soft focus effect.  The pigments look stunning in artificial and natural light.  My skin was glowing and the colors compliment all skin tones.
The ingredients in their makeup allow for troubled skin to breathe and heal, while giving that light-as-air feeling.
I’m not one to fall for lip gloss, it’s usually too sticky, shiny and hard to apply.  Lip Polish by Arbonne Cosmetics glides on smoothly, delivering the promise of superior shine without being too much!
The chic packaging is luxurious and sophisticated.  I love drenching my lips in hydration and breath-taking color.
Raisin by Arbonne Cosmetics gets a TEN!

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