Beauty Profile with Adriana Lynch of Arbonne Cosmetics

      Adriana Pozzani Lynch first held management positions with The Walk Disney Co., Pillsbury International, and Procter & Gamble, before joining the team at Arbonne International as the SVP & Chief Marketing Officer. Adriana was classically trained in Brand Management at P&G Brazil where she managed Pampers and Always.   Adriana came to theContinue reading “Beauty Profile with Adriana Lynch of Arbonne Cosmetics”


Ripe & Edible Plum w/ Arbonne Cosmetics

This gorgeous shade of Plum is actually Raisin – either way my lips were ripe and edible.  The color left me breathless, my lips were drenched with vitamins, safflower and sunflower oil that revealed soft kissable lips.   Arbonne Cosmetics created a unique Optlight Technology that diffuses light while providing a soft focus effect.  The pigments look stunning in artificialContinue reading “Ripe & Edible Plum w/ Arbonne Cosmetics”

Well defined lips with Arbonne Cosmetics

Courtesy of Arbonne Cosmetics Wearing Red Lipstick, Polish, Gloss, Glazes and Tints requires a heavy-duty lip pencil that allows for precision and blendability.  I tend to fall in love with beauty tools that perform, especially when I’m in a hurry. Discovering Arbonne Cosmetics proved to be a pleasant surprise.  I love their unique Optlight Technology that worksContinue reading “Well defined lips with Arbonne Cosmetics”

Gorgeous skin, lips and eyes with Arbonne Cosmetics

Arbonne Cosmetics created a unique Optlight Technology that works by light diffusing and creating a soft focus effect.  The ingredients  in their makeup allow the skin to breathe, and give that light-as-air feeling. I love this shade of red – Runway Red by Arbonne Cosmetics complemented my skin tone, enhancing the natural beauty of myContinue reading “Gorgeous skin, lips and eyes with Arbonne Cosmetics”