Brilliant Brunette w/ John Frieda

Courtesy of Google Images
My hair was lacking  luster and needed  boosts of shine.  I was in-between Salon appointments and remembered John Frieda.  Walking into my neighborhood  Walgreens I picked up John Frieda’s Luminous Color Glaze – Brilliant Brunette.

After one application three days ago my hair is still shiny and vibrant.  I love the multi-dimensional shine and natural healthy color.  The Satiny texture made my hair feel and look luxurious.

Luminous Color Glaze by John Frieda reawakens lackluster hair with hints of glossy shine and dimension.  It also helps blend away gray and leaves your hair shiny, soft and gorgeous!

Luminous Color Glaze is for all shades of  Brunette – I love having healthy, shiny hair!

Isn’t it time you gave your hair a dose of healthy shine?
Brilliant Brunette Luminous Color Glaze by John Frieda gets a TEN!
Available at Walgreens & Target

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