The Royal Blowout w/ Oribe

Courtesy of Oribe

I’ve had such great hair days since my hair stylist and hair colorist gave me proper direction in the art of Blow drying.  Yes, ladies  blow drying is an art form and I am living proof that it can be achieved in the privacy of your own home.

Now that I have the proper cut, color and brush the hair styling products I started using are working!

I’m in love with the Royal Blowout by Oribe, my hair is shiny and full of life!  Afterwards my hair resembles a perfect in-salon blow dry. 

*The weightless serum mist  gives a glossy, patent-like shine for a flawless finish*.

My hair was smooth, hydrated, protected and drying time was cut in half!  My hair texture the next day was so thick and luxurious I was tempted to use my dry hair shampoo!

Royal Blowout by Oribe gets a TEN!


Available at Neiman Marcus & Barneys New York


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2 thoughts on “The Royal Blowout w/ Oribe

  1. my hair stylist just recommended that i try oribe! i went for ‘volumista’ and can’t wait to test it out

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