Pro-Intense Eye & Lip Contour Cream by Elemis and 20% off all Elemis Products

Courtesy of Elemis
I love that my lips stayed hydrated, soft and supple.  Most important that my lips regained their plump youthfulness.  The results from using Elemis Eye & Lip Contour Cream were overnight, I love it when results are instant.
Elemis Eye & Lip Contour Cream protects the shape of the stem cells,  by giving the collagen network in our skin structure.  This explains why my lip line was noticeable and my lips appeared pretty and plump.
The active plant stem cells in Elemis Skincare work with our skins natural function, leaving behind supple and healthy skin.
My lips stayed hydrated and moist  and had the appearance of youthfulness without Botox.
I’m not against Botox, but I would rather use age-appropriate skincare and avoid the use of fillers if I can, wouldn’t you?
Pro-Intense Eye & Lip Contour Cream by Elemis gets a TEN!
865 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

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