Clean, Clear & healthy skin w/ john masters organics

Courtesy of John Masters Organics
I’m addicted to foaming facial cleansers.  I still experience adult acne, especially during that time of the month.  I mask and use facial scrubs on a daily basis but still can’t control acne breakouts.
Recently I’ve had fewer breakouts, I now enjoy clear and healthy skin for months at a time.  One of the best facial cleansers I’ve discovered is bearberry oily skin balancing face wash by john masters organics. 
I love the clean and healthy smell, love the foaming lather that leaves behind clean and radiant skin. 
*bearberry oily skin balancing facial wash has 20 oil fighting extracts and citrus oils that create a powerful astringent that fight excess oil production*.  Pore size is visibly reduced and your skin is aided in the exfoliation of dead surface cells.
I enjoy having clearer, healthier skin for long periods of time – isn’t time you had clearer healthier skin?
bearberry oily skin balancing facial wash by john masters organics gets a TEN!
available at Whole Foods

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