Liquid to Powder by Cargo Cosmetics

Courtesy of Cargo Cosmetics

I loved the light reflecting pigments that gave my skin a luminous and radiant shimmer.  The silky texture  turned into a matte powder for that polished finish that gave my skin perfection and an instant pretty glow.

Liquid to Powder is a unique formula created from award-winning Cargo Cosmetics.  I’m obsessed with everything Cargo – the makeup formulations create a soft focus effect that aid in looking flawless, and natural in front of or behind the camera.
Don’t you want to be ready for your close up? 
For the appearance and feeling of Pretty, Liquid to Powder by Cargo Cosmetics gets a TEN!
Available at Macy’s
*Vitamins A & E — both effective anti oxidants that help protect the skin from the damaging effects of the environment.



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