Amazing lip primer by Senna Cosmetics

Courtesy of Senna Cosmetics
Senna cosmetics is the brain child of Emma Weston, Emmy nominated celebrity makeup artist.  The celebrity clientele list includes Ashley and Jessica Simpson, Tori Spelling and Sela Ward to name a few. 
Emma Weston has worked with Herb Ritts and Helmut Newton and is listed in Kevin Aucoin’s famous “ Inspiring Makeup Artist – Making Faces”.
It’s no secret that I read New Beauty Magazine from cover to cover, and that I’m on a mission to turn back the clock as far as I can.  Recently I discovered totally Transforming Lip Primer by Senna Cosmetics. 
My lips were transformed, my kissable pout was perfect! No lipstick feathering and the color lasted throughout afternoon lunch.  I loved the natural lip plumping effect – and so will you!
4125 Piedmont Ave.
Oakland, CA 94611

*Apply to clean, dry lips completely covering lips and along lip line in order to fill in fine lines and furrows. Apply lip liner and lipstick over. Top with gloss if desired*.


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