A World of Pinks and Nudes – Senna Cosmetics

Since I found a few pinks and nudes I’ve become obsessed with finding more to include in my rotations. These three lovely shades are from Senna Cosmetics. 1. Affair 2. Posey 3. Pink Lady All Senna Cosmetics are formulated using quality ingredients and the colors are gorgeous for long-lasting power. Lips stay moist and kissableContinue reading “A World of Pinks and Nudes – Senna Cosmetics”

The Power Lip & Smokey Eye with Senna Cosmetics

Holiday makeup is ever so easy with this collection from Senna Cosmetics. Creating a sultry smokey eye this season with gorgeous hues of silver and black and crimson pouts is just glamorous. The 6 pieces consist of volumizing mascara, black liquid liner, silver lining glow eye shadow, lip lacquer in maraschino, lip pencil in crimsonContinue reading “The Power Lip & Smokey Eye with Senna Cosmetics”

Scarlett Fever is Drop Dead Gorgeous at Senna Cosmetics

Drop Dead Red is the description for Scarlett Fever, a gorgeous rich red with superior moisture and long-wearing properties. This shade is more like a cranberry or burgundy that works beautifully on all skin tones, just make sure to check your pearly whites. Senna Cosmetics is a favorite of mine, recently I’ve been carrying aroundContinue reading “Scarlett Fever is Drop Dead Gorgeous at Senna Cosmetics”

Amazing lip primer by Senna Cosmetics

Senna cosmetics is the brain child of Emma Weston, Emmy nominated celebrity makeup artist.  The celebrity clientele list includes Ashley and Jessica Simpson, Tori Spelling and Sela Ward to name a few.  Emma Weston has worked with Herb Ritts and Helmut Newton and is listed in Kevin Aucoin’s famous “ Inspiring Makeup Artist – MakingContinue reading “Amazing lip primer by Senna Cosmetics”

Valentina by Senna Cosmetics

I applied the lipstick easily, and without a lip pencil.  I sat there in front of the mirror playing with the color, each time achieving a different shade.  I especially loved how the natural light reflected from the jewel tone color of the lipstick enhancing my complexion. Plus the lipstick smelled like Tahitian Vanilla – yummy! Valentina is a ruby-red,Continue reading “Valentina by Senna Cosmetics”

~ Sateen Sheer Face Color ~

  This blush went on easily, reminding me of a water-color.  It looked natural and not over done. I was loving the rosy effect and sheer texture.  My skin looked soft, natural and radiant.    Senna blushes add natural definition, and glamour.  They are long-lasting, easy to blend, and come in three different finishes.  This explains why I didn’t need toContinue reading “~ Sateen Sheer Face Color ~”