Beauty Travel – on the Go with Talika

Courtesy of Talika
Being at home getting ready takes me longer then 5 minutes, while traveling I try to get out of my hotel room in less than 5.
I attribute it to the fact that I just want to get out there and see the world! Preparing for a trip takes thought and preparation with my toiletries.  Everyone laughs because I travel with more skincare and makeup than clothes.
My makeup routine is also more minimal, and recently I discovered Talika – I love all Talika products especially this adorable mini eyelash curler. 
It makes for the perfect travel companion, since I’ve used Lipocils my eye lashes are longer and thicker, soon I won’t need mascara. 
I pack all my skincare and makeup in the regulated size ziplock bags and Talika’s mini eye lash curler hardly takes up any room.  It’s easy to use and works beautifully!

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Travel – on the Go with Talika

  1. This is the cutest eyelash curler ever and I love Lipocils for a natural look like when I’m going to the gym or running errands. It’s good to give my lashes a break from mascara.

    1. Dear Janine,

      Thank you for your comment! This little mini eyelash curler is always in my travel bag. With the use of Talika Lipocils, your eyelashes will curl easier….my sister started using it and that was her result, my lashes actually grew! They curl on their own and curl more with the use of eye lash curlers – especially Talika’s heated eye lash curler, another beauty must!
      Thank you for dropping by!!
      my best,
      P.s what kind of giveaway contest would you like to see next?

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