New Max Volume Mascara by Rimmel London

Courtesy of Rimmel London


This pink tube of  mascara is the real deal, no hype here.  I’m leery of Drugstore Mascara, for obvious reasons.  I’ve been fooled before by magazine editorials into buying that other pink tube only to be disappointed.
New Max Volume by Rimmel London dries in less than 10 seconds, and creates longer, thicker more beautiful lashes!  It’s waterproof so eye drops don’t create a problem mid-day. Plus the Keratin helps make your lashes stronger, sleeker and shinier.  The Collagen thickens the lashes for lush luxurious lashes.  Getting the chic London Vibe is easy with Rimmel London, channeling Kate Moss anyone?
This is one pink tube of mascara I’d buy again!
300 Montgomery
San Francisco, CA 94104


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2 thoughts on “New Max Volume Mascara by Rimmel London

  1. Hooah! ~ OK ~ I’m going to be brave and try ONCE more a new mascara and see if I like it any better than the standard pink/green Maybelline I’ve used for years! I’ve tried soooooooo many others and always go back to the same old thing! I was not blessed with long or thick eyelashes, so it’s worth a try!! ~ Right???? :))

    1. Dear Nancy,

      Another great Drugstore mascara is Mega volume by Wet & wild – but if you are looking to enhance your lashes, I recommend Talika Lipocils – your lashes will grow and curl – in 28 days. You would also try if you feel like splurging, Revitalash with peptides…the new formula – or Marini Lash. Everything I review I’ve tested, and love.

      Thank you for stopping by!

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