New! Provocalips – Rimmel London In Kiss Me You Fool

Nothing more than finding a crimson I love is finding it for the right price. New Provocalips by Rimmel London is more than just gorgeous Lip Color, it’s Lip Liberation. It’s Kiss proof and high impact color that never fades. Lips won’t feel dry, tight and stay smoothed and moisturized all day long. How toContinue reading “New! Provocalips – Rimmel London In Kiss Me You Fool”

New Max Volume Mascara by Rimmel London

  This pink tube of  mascara is the real deal, no hype here.  I’m leery of Drugstore Mascara, for obvious reasons.  I’ve been fooled before by magazine editorials into buying that other pink tube only to be disappointed.   New Max Volume by Rimmel London dries in less than 10 seconds, and creates longer, thicker more beautiful lashes! Continue reading “New Max Volume Mascara by Rimmel London”

Universal Flattering Pink by Rimmel London

  Blush needs to be dark enough to show up on darker skin and sheer enough that it doesn’t overpower the lightest of complexions.  Finding a perfect pink is no easy task, plus finding a pink with multiple uses is difficult too!   Rimmel London creates affordable beauty makeup that can be used as blush and aContinue reading “Universal Flattering Pink by Rimmel London”

Kiss & Stay Lipstick/Gloss by Rimmel London

I’m always searching for a lipstick/Gloss combination that lasts all day.  I also love affordable beauty bargains that won’t break the bank. Since Kate Moss became the spoke person for Rimmel London, I admit wanting to experience the Kate Moss effect. On my last trip to Walgreens I made a purchase, I bought Rimmel London’s Kiss&Stay Lip gloss.  Of courseContinue reading “Kiss & Stay Lipstick/Gloss by Rimmel London”