Beauty Splurge: Red Lipstick’s best friend – Essential firming lip complex by beingTrue

Courtesy of beingTrue
Falling in love with a little magic wand is easy when your lips experience a renewal youth revival!
Essential firming lip complex by beingTrue transforms your lips with a unique combination of Vitamin E, Bio-Peptides, collagen and pomegranate. 
Essential firming lip complex noticeable diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, redefining your lips to a perfect pout!
I’ve been addicted to this amazing product and have not been able to put it down – my lips are hydrated, moisturized and naturally plump!
Most important, Essential firming lip complex helps turn back the clock and gives you back pretty, smooth lips that are picture perfect for that dose of gorgeous color. 

Spa Radiance

3011 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, Ca 94123


beingTrue directions:
*Apply before color application and before bed. Massage around the mouth and into the lips 2-3 times daily. A mild tingling sensation may occur as the active ingredients start to penetrate. Paraben-free formula*.

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