Timeless Beauty with Neocutis

Courtesy of Neocutis
The Swiss City of Lausanne is known for their prestigious University Hospital, the birth place of modern Swiss Innovation.  Intensive research aided physicians in a unique discovery in scarrless wound healing with the use of fetal tissue. 
Establishing a cell bank dedicated to developing new skincare treatments the University Hospital of Lausanne under strict ethical laws use’s a single donation of fetal tissue that creates a supply of fibroblasts that produce PSP*.
 PSP* is short for Processed Skin Cell proteins – exclusive skincare ingredients that are found only in NeoCutis skincare products.
PSP* is an optimal blend of natural balanced proteins that include human growth factors, Cytokines,Interleukins that provide beautiful ageless skin.
PSP* is known for it’s purity and high quality. 
NeoCutis skincare products are leaders in effective skincare that is clinically proven to sooth, enhance and give the skin back it’s natural beauty.
1.) Skin Rejuvenation
2.) Post-procedure skincare
3.) Care of sensitive, stressed and irritated skin.
I personally can’t live without Bio-Serum by NeoCutis – my skin is naturally plump, healthy, clearer, radiant and luminous.  Running into new and old friends they all say the same thing, that I look fresh, rested and more youthful. 
The NeoCutis Skincare collection includes:
1.) Bio-Cream – Clinically proven that after two months of use you will notice the reduction in facial wrinkles.
2.) Bio-Gel – Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid that helps restore elasticity and radiance to stressed skin.
3.) Journee – A complete anti-aging cream with PSP*, anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid and UVA/UVB protection SPF 30+ Rejuvinates, protects and hydrates the skin.
4.) Lumiere – Soothing eye cream with PSP* that reduces tiny laugh lines, energizes, revitalizes and rejuvinates the delicate eye area – an eye lift without the surgical procedure!
5.) Bio-Serum – The most intensive Bio-Stimulating PSP* serum with an unprecedented concentration of PSP* You will see results in less than 7 days! Redefines facial contours, firms the skin and helps restore the appearance of youthfulness.
6.) Blanche – Skin lightening cream with Melaplex.  Helps disrupt the skin darkening pathway to noticeably lighten dark discoloration in as little as 4 weeks.
7.) Hyalis – Hydrating serum that delivers moisture for youthful and radiant skin.
8.) Prevedem – Powerful anti-oxidant serum that primes and strengthens the skin prior to cosmetic procedures – helps minimize post-procedure skin trauma.
9.) Neo-Cleans – Glycerin rich clarifying cleanser that gently melts away makeup and impurities – infuses the skin with a healthy dose of moisture.
10.) Perle – Skin Brightening Cream with Melaplex.
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