The Red Carpet Makeup Artist

Courtesy of Khuraira
Khuriara is the makeup artist to many a celebrity.  She has worked at countless award shows preparing many a leading lady for her Red Carpet appearance.  Khuriara created a unique makeup collection that helps prepare all of us for those Red Carpet moments.
Recently I’ve been obsessed with minimizing my pores, and creating a perfect canvas.  I admit, I’m lazy and don’t like to wear makeup on my days off. Social outings however are not confined to work days, a few tricks to get you Red Carpet ready even if you’re only walking down the Red Carpet of life.
Khuriara is the home of the invisible finishing powder – not only is the Red case gorgeous, but your skin will look flawless and perfect.  The invisible finishing powder can be applied over moistuzier or your favorite tinted sunscreen – the results picture perfect skin!
There are several pieces to the Khuriara collection, another of my favorites is Passion, a gorgeous shade of Red.
Khuriara is Citygirl approved!
29 1/2 Washington Street
Tenafly, NJ 07607

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