British Red by Loreal

Courtesy of Google Images
I’m used to women and men stopping me on the street complimenting my Red Lipstick, I wasn’t expecting to receive so many compliments as I did yesterday – I was wearing British Red by Loreal.
I bought it last week and had been hesitant about wearing it – the colour is a bit on the orange side.  Personally I’ve been dying to wear the brighter orange colors of the season, but shyed from them as I’m partial to Classic Reds.
Once I applied the moisturizing color, I knew it was a keeper. Colour Rich* Lipstick by Loreal is enriched with anti-aging ingredients that instantly defne lips, creating a fuller, smoother pout.
I love the luxurious lip colour at these affordable prices – the colour was hydrating and lasted all day.  British Red by Loreal is described as a vintage red for that instant touch of glamour.
Available at Walgreens & Target

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