The House of Red – Besame Cosmetics

Courtesy of Beame Cosmetics
So many gorgeous shades of Red – Besame Cosmetics created 6 shades of the most beautiful Reds –
Besame Cosmetics reminds me of that old hollywood glamour, where elegance meets sophistication.
There is a shade of Red Lipstick for all skin tones, Red is a color that can be worn everyday for every occasion.
Red Velvet – A deep rich Red that flatters most skin tones, a Neutral Red, not too bright. Red Velvet is available in two formulations –
Besame Red – A True Red, cool base, not warm.  Best described as a Navy Red, bright and vibrant.
Merlot – A Brown Red, semi-matte.  A great neutral Red for daily wear, a subdued brick Red.
Carmine – An Orange Red, Changes depending on the skin-tone, semi-matte, vibrant, a neutral orange, not too yellow.  A Red-Orange that is very becoming on warm and olive skin-tones.
Cherry Red – A deep rich and dark cherry shade.  Can be applied as a stain, giving a nice rose colored hue.  Flattering to medium and olive skin-tones.
Red Hot Red – Bright and Bold, a bit warmer than Besame Red and Marilyn’s favorite.
I tend to wear Red Hot Red more than I should.  I love all the colors, they are all beautiful, long-wearing and long-lasting.  Your lips will stay moisturized and kissable all day. 
The luxurious casing reminded me of 1930’s glamour, the perfect Red accoutrements for a gorgeous-sensuous pout.
Besame Cosmetics, for that touch of glamour that lasts all day  is Citygirl approved!

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