My Two Reds

Okay, I’ve been having a hard time putting down my Nars, but really like the New Besame Tango Red.  What to do, I ended up applying the Tango Red first and layering on top my Jungle Red by Nars. I have to say that the results are pretty, and perhaps one day there will beContinue reading “My Two Reds”


The Perfect Summer Duo – Besame Cosmetics

My New Tango Red from Besame Cosmetics arrived yesterday and I love it. I also received the Apricot Rouge that doubles as a cheek and lip tint for that perfect sun-kissed look. The plus side is that these hues work on all skin tones and add the right amount of color. The perfect duo forContinue reading “The Perfect Summer Duo – Besame Cosmetics”

There’s a New Red in Town – New Tango Red by Besame Cosmetics

When I first turned this blog into an only red lipstick blog a few years ago I mentioned the whole collection by Besame Cosmetics. I want to point out that Red lipstick isn’t just retro-glam, it’s a timeless classic that works with all skin tones etc.  You just have to find the right shade thatContinue reading “There’s a New Red in Town – New Tango Red by Besame Cosmetics”

Red Lipstick Revival Friday – Red Hot Red by Besame Cosmetics

Lately I’ve been going through my red lipsticks and realized that I have several true reds that I haven’t worn in a long-time.  I pulled out Red Hot Red by Besame Cosmetics and received so many compliments, so many head turns.  I was even hit on by a man and a woman, only in SanContinue reading “Red Lipstick Revival Friday – Red Hot Red by Besame Cosmetics”

The House of Red – Besame Cosmetics

Courtesy of Beame Cosmetics So many gorgeous shades of Red – Besame Cosmetics created 6 shades of the most beautiful Reds – Besame Cosmetics reminds me of that old hollywood glamour, where elegance meets sophistication. There is a shade of Red Lipstick for all skin tones, Red is a color that can be worn everydayContinue reading “The House of Red – Besame Cosmetics”

Red Velvet & Voluptuous by Besame

  Opening the tube did not prepare me, the color was gorgeous! Red Velvet by Besame is the perfect Red for everyday, it’s a neutral shade of Red that flatters all skin tones.    The pigment is long-wearing, long-lasting – the special satin finish goes on silky smooth and stays put throughout the day.   Continue reading “Red Velvet & Voluptuous by Besame”