My Two Reds

Nars-BesameOkay, I’ve been having a hard time putting down my Nars, but really like the New Besame Tango Red.  What to do, I ended up applying the Tango Red first and layering on top my Jungle Red by Nars.

I have to say that the results are pretty, and perhaps one day there will be a new selfie to show you guys how pretty it actually is.

What two shades do you mix?

The Perfect Summer Duo – Besame Cosmetics

BesameMy New Tango Red from Besame Cosmetics arrived yesterday and I love it. I also received the Apricot Rouge that doubles as a cheek and lip tint for that perfect sun-kissed look.

The plus side is that these hues work on all skin tones and add the right amount of color.

The perfect duo for those lazy days of summer.



There’s a New Red in Town – New Tango Red by Besame Cosmetics

Tango Red lipstickWhen I first turned this blog into an only red lipstick blog a few years ago I mentioned the whole collection by Besame Cosmetics.

I want to point out that Red lipstick isn’t just retro-glam, it’s a timeless classic that works with all skin tones etc.  You just have to find the right shade that works for you and your pearly whites.

I go through phases where I wear a pink-red or an orange-red lipstick and since it’s summer I just may have to put away my Jungle Red by Nars and start wearing The New Tango Red by Besame Cosmetics.

Isn’t it pretty?

Red Lipstick Revival Friday – Red Hot Red by Besame Cosmetics

red hot redLately I’ve been going through my red lipsticks and realized that I have several true reds that I haven’t worn in a long-time.  I pulled out Red Hot Red by Besame Cosmetics and received so many compliments, so many head turns.  I was even hit on by a man and a woman, only in San Francisco.

Red Hot Red is a true blue red, with more pink undertones.  The color works beautifully with light olive skin and the great news is that it makes my pearly whites look whiter.

The pigment is moisturizing and honestly I don’t have to reapply after morning coffee or afternoon lunch.


The House of Red – Besame Cosmetics

Courtesy of Beame Cosmetics
So many gorgeous shades of Red – Besame Cosmetics created 6 shades of the most beautiful Reds –
Besame Cosmetics reminds me of that old hollywood glamour, where elegance meets sophistication.
There is a shade of Red Lipstick for all skin tones, Red is a color that can be worn everyday for every occasion.
Red Velvet – A deep rich Red that flatters most skin tones, a Neutral Red, not too bright. Red Velvet is available in two formulations –
Besame Red – A True Red, cool base, not warm.  Best described as a Navy Red, bright and vibrant.
Merlot – A Brown Red, semi-matte.  A great neutral Red for daily wear, a subdued brick Red.
Carmine – An Orange Red, Changes depending on the skin-tone, semi-matte, vibrant, a neutral orange, not too yellow.  A Red-Orange that is very becoming on warm and olive skin-tones.
Cherry Red – A deep rich and dark cherry shade.  Can be applied as a stain, giving a nice rose colored hue.  Flattering to medium and olive skin-tones.
Red Hot Red – Bright and Bold, a bit warmer than Besame Red and Marilyn’s favorite.
I tend to wear Red Hot Red more than I should.  I love all the colors, they are all beautiful, long-wearing and long-lasting.  Your lips will stay moisturized and kissable all day. 
The luxurious casing reminded me of 1930’s glamour, the perfect Red accoutrements for a gorgeous-sensuous pout.
Besame Cosmetics, for that touch of glamour that lasts all day  is Citygirl approved!

Red Velvet & Voluptuous by Besame

Courtesy of Besame
Opening the tube did not prepare me, the color was gorgeous! Red Velvet by Besame is the perfect Red for everyday, it’s a neutral shade of Red that flatters all skin tones. 
The pigment is long-wearing, long-lasting – the special satin finish goes on silky smooth and stays put throughout the day. 
Red Velvet Voluptuous helps promote cell renewal and provides antioxidant protection. 
 I wasn’t just in love with the feather proof formula,  but the rich  botanicals that left my lips moisturized and naturally plump. I love the shade of Red so much that I want to take it to bed with me.
The luxurious casing reminded me of that old hollywood glamour, and the matching lip brush and lip pencil were the perfect accoutrements to a gorgeous, sensuous pout.
Red Velvet Voluptuous by Besame is Citygirl approved!