Rich Lip Tints – Rachel’s Red by Clark’s Botanicals

My mother wanted to name me Rachel, but my father beat her to it and named me after his mother.

The older we get, and as the weather changes we want to be more minimal in our makeup application, at least I know I do.

I wish I was the kind of girl who could just get-up and go, perhaps if I had been named Rachel.

Rich reds are my specialty and recently with the summer weather I’ve been inclined to dab-on lip tints in various shades.  A few of my favorites are by Clark’s Botanicals.

Rachel Red is a gorgeous red that leaves your lips feeling like butter, soft and supple.

A True Red that can be layered from sheer to intense for long-lasting color and hydration that lasts all day.

But guess what? I’ve discovered that I like pink too!

Must have been all the pink girlie dresses my mother made me wear as a child.  Alexandra Rose is a sheer and elegant pink suitable for day or night and for those City Girls who want to rediscover their childhoods, before the Red.

$19 @Clark’


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