August’s Red – Belle Noir by Julie Hewett

Harper’s Bazaar recently came out with a guide for finding the perfect shade of red, according to age and not skin tone, which I found fascinating, because if you’re in your 40’s you should opt for a coral/orange red. Which could explain one of the reasons why I’ve been obsessed with Belle Noir by Julie Hewett.

My friend Michele Burke has another rule of thumb that guides us in the right direction for the perfect crimson:

Warm skin tones: Have greenish-blue veins and creamy-white teeth, they look best in Fire engine reds, watermelon, oranges and nectarines. For pink reds I recommend coral, tangerine, peach or salmon.

I’m in-between and after looking at Julie Hewett’s Red Lipstick chart my main concerns are: Do my teeth look white-enough and is my skin radiant? If I can say yes to both, then I’ve found a winner.

Belle Noir is a triple-pigmented matte formula, long-lasting and gentle on lips thanks to the healing camellia oil, lips stay soft, supple and kissable all afternoon.

I love that the color fades naturally during the course of the day, leaving behind a gorgeous shade, saying goodbye to dry lips has never been so easy.

The perfect 50’s inspired Crimson for this Birthday Girl!


Stockists in San Francisco:

Lashfully: 1728 Union Street, #107
San Francisco, CA 94123


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