Don’t Handbag Shame Me or My Friends – Handbag Envy Isn’t Fun

I recently read a post from one of my favorite interior design bloggers, and I’ve been offended. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw in the Shoe Shame Episode on “Sex & the City”.  It is not for me to judge others by how they choose to spend their money.  Also a good portion of women dress for themselves and not so that someone else will admire them or love them.  From my experience it’s the confident stylish women that dress for themselves, a great handbag is on equal footing with a man’s car, need I say more?

“I was brought up to save save save, never spend too much and to live well within your means. And this is a fantastic lesson to have instilled in you, especially in a world where I see girls buying bags that cost the amount of a major appliance on credit so they can impress people they don’t know. – Erin Gates

I admire women with style, elegance and aspire to be more like them by getting ideas from them on how to put myself together i.e. Olivia Palermo or the Olsen twins.

I wouldn’t be caught dead carrying a FAKE handbag or knock-off of a favorite that happened to inspire Tory Burch. (Although I am a fan of Tory Burch Ballet flats) I learned that the right handbag, shoes and accessories can transform an H&M t-shirt or black cardigan from Jiggsaw or BCBG.

My mother told me that in this life I had to choose, to either travel, dress well or have a social life…I chose to dress well for a long time and have since acquired various luxury items, i.e shoes, handbags, wallets, jewelry and it has never been the items I purchased, but the items I didn’t that I regret like the YSL Leopard print scarf. How I lament not having bought that scarf when I had the opportunity.

Sorry to disappoint you Erin, but not every girl buys a bag she can’t afford to try and impress people she doesn’t know, maybe this is something your friends do.  Sounds like handbag envy to me.

My friends and I acquire stylish pieces including handbags because they reflect how we see ourselves….just like that much coveted coffee table.


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