3 Winter Styles To Compliment Your Red Lipstick – Special Guest Post by Ruth Margrove

It can be difficult to find an outfit that compliments red lipstick; it’s a fact that vermillion-red might not work with everything.

Some women find wearing  red lipstick intimidating, as getting it wrong can ruin an entire outfit. Luckily, there are some fail-safe styles that will ensure  what you’re wearing on your lips works well with your apparel.

Whether you have pale skin or a more olive-skin tone, the classic little black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, always look fantastic with red lips. Dresses with polo-necks are great for winter as they are both stylish and warm. Choose a bold, deep red in matte for your lips and accessorize with a great handbag from zalando.co.uk.

Gwen Stefani rocks red lipstick like no other, showing that lighter skin can make red lips really stand out. To imitate her style, look for funky, loose-fitting clothes; maybe animal print, or something a little grungy. Go for a glossy red lipstick with this look, preferably one with lots of shimmer. Select accessories that will draw attention to your lips, Remember, the brighter the better!

The last style which always works with red lips is that of the immortal Marilyn Monroe; she always looked fabulous in white fur, her pale skin and red lips a wonderful contrast. Look for classic glamour in your winter style; maybe try some chandelier earrings to compliment the dazzle of your lips. When wearing this style opt for coral red lipstick and steer away from any pink tones.

Red lipstick is a style classic. With the right shade, and outfit, the overall look can be really powerful. Think about which style matches your current look and skin tone before finding a red lipstick to match.

*Ruth Margrove is a fashion blogger and beauty lover from Bristol, UK. She has a keen eye for style and loves to look glamorous in any shade of red lipstick.


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