Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 2

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There are many luxurious gifts available and there doesn’t need to be a holiday for a little self-love. These are two items you can bestow upon yourself or a loved one….

Most of you have heard of Olympia Le-Tan, a handbag designer with a niche in favorite novel-inspired clutches. Recently she’s partnered with Lancome to create an adorable Gift Set housing a gorgeous array of lipsticks and nail polishes for all occasions, as if we needed one? $1,500.00. There is a waiting list.

Another fashion essential is Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange, a true guide to Parisian Fashion. This little book serves as a guide around Paris, where you will find the best places for lunch, a quick drink and shopping. Plus the pictures are inspiring, you’re going to want one of everything! $17.41

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