Special Guest Post: LIPS: The 10 Secrets for a Perfect Pout by Sylvie

Photo via leonessdesigns.blogspot.com
Photo via leonessdesigns.blogspot.com
  1. Color clings better to a smooth surface, exfoliate lips once a week.
  2. Lip liner should never, ever be visible.
  3. A base layer of waxy balm can keep gloss from going MIA.
  4. Your lipstick should coordinate with your skin color, not your outfit.
  5. The most natural-looking lipstick is close to your own lip color, just glossier and a bit deeper.
  6. Nude lipstick looks deadly unless it`s topped with gloss or balm.
  7. There truly is a red for everyone.
  8. If you are going to wear dark lipstick, be prepared for touch-ups.
  9. Major lipstick calls for minimal eye makeup.
  10. Combine a rosy pink lipstick with a dab of gloss at the center of the lower lip to make the mouth look bigger.

For More Tips & Tricks @SylviesFashionSecrets.com


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