City Girl in Red Lipstick, New York, Kate Schelter,Stylist,Creative Director, Kate Schelter LLC, Owner

Courtesy of Photo ©BFA/nyc
Photo Courtesy of ©BFA/nyc

Chanel’s Coromandel Red seems to be a favorite among the group of modern-day swans that includes Kate Schelter.

Here we see Kate looking radiant as she and her husband Chris Schumacher expect the birth of their first child.

Kate graciously agreed to share her red lipstick trick for a flawless application.

“I love a matching nail and lip in Chanel Coromandel, the perfect orange-red, it has a warm, rich cast and a lovely, luscious texture and the signature Chanel lipstick rose scent I love.  Red lips bring out the blue in my eyes, so I don’t need to wear as much makeup. It’s the perfect no-makeup make-up” – Kate Schelter, Stylist, Creative Director Kate Schelter LLC,  Owner

Courtesy of Kate Schelter LLC
Courtesy of Kate Schelter LLC

Kate’s Red Lipstick Tip:

“Swipe some Burt’s Bees lip balm (to prevent creasing and outlining), fill in red, and kiss a napkin between your lips (to prevent from getting on teeth.) Reapply as needed to avoid a red “lip-liner” effect.”

If I manage to look half  as beautiful as Kate, than this is one lipstick I’m going to have to try!

Happy 10th Anniversary Kate!

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