City Girl in Red Lipstick, New York – Venessa Arizaga, Jewelry Designer

Courtesy of Venessa Arizaga
Courtesy of Venessa Arizaga

Venessa Arizaga is a modern jewelry designer, inspired by cultural folklore amulets and charms.

Most people are not aware that skulls are used in primitive cultures to ward off evil energy and spirits.

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

Venessa’s favorite shade of Red Lipstick happens to be Mac Veronica in Ronnie Red, and she’s a City Girl in Red Lipstick!

*She loves wearing this shade of red as a bold statement accent to her outfit, whether it’s going out with friends or attending a special event. It’s the perfect red to complement her vivacious personality and style! 

Courtesy of Venessa Arizaga
Courtesy of Venessa Arizaga

Ronnie Red is a pink-red shade and looks gorgeous, and it’s sold out – figures!

Venessa’s Jewelry collection can be found



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