City Girl in Red Lipstick, New York – Shani Bauminger, Copywriter, Beauty Blogger

Shani-redShani is a bonafide Citygirlinredlipstick, she has a whole collection of reds to choose from and is known for being a bit of a mixologist – she mixes her reds, creating bold crimson color. What’s adorable about this Citygirl is that she wears red lipstick even while she’s at home wearing her comfy PJ’s.

She took time out of her busy schedule to let us in on her take of our favorite hue.

“I grew up thinking there was no red lipstick to suit my skin tone. Then somewhere along the line, either that changed or the beauty industry changed, because now I have a collection of reds that I love. I also have a feature on my blog called, “The Search for the Perfect Red,” which may just be an excuse for me to keep collecting them.

I’ve been known to put on some red lipstick while in pajamas and hair up, just lounging around the house. It just feels like me. Part of it is the retro, Old Hollywood feel, but part of it is just that it feels right. I never feel like it’s obvious, I just feel fabulous.

by-terry-rouge-terrybly-lipstick-201-terrific-rougeMy current favorite is By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Terrific Rouge. A terrible name, but an amazing formula. For me, lip liner is a must, since my lower lip is fuller than my upper, and sometimes that causes the lipstick to bleed up over my top lip outline. I tend to use a lip brush for the first layer, blot, and then reapply straight from the tube. However you wear it though, red just works!” – Shani Bauminger, Copywriter, Beauty Blogger

Shani Bauminger is a Citygirlinredlipstick!

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