Friday Night’s – Fillmore Street

My Friday evenings are usually spent going to dinner and a movie. This Friday my sister Rosemary and I went to one of our favorite restaurants on Fillmore Street, Roam.

We love Roam because everything is either farm-to-table or organic, plus the meats are free-ranged.


Since I’ve been watching what I eat, I’ve been opting for the lettuce wrapped turkey burger, but this time changed it up by adding the gluten free bun.

Instead of the usual sweet potatoe fries, we added the grilled asparagus. Dinner was yummy and I think I finally adapted my taste buds to gluten free bread.

photo1Our movie of choice was Godzilla, playing at the Kabuki theater.  We love the assigned seating and the fact that it’s walking distance from home.

Everyone in the audience was enraptured with the fight scene taking place in China Town, I think they even might have destroyed  a little part of North Beach.

What are your Friday Night’s like?






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