favorite Mascara

I don’t know if you guys are aware, I really don’t buy makeup anymore, and I wear very little of it.  However I did visit my neighborhood Benefit location on Fillmore Street (to visit my friend Joseph, makeup artist extraordinaire) and broke down and bought they’re real mascara. Why? Because it truly is one ofContinue reading “favorite Mascara”

Friday Night’s – Fillmore Street

My Friday evenings are usually spent going to dinner and a movie. This Friday my sister Rosemary and I went to one of our favorite restaurants on Fillmore Street, Roam. We love Roam because everything is either farm-to-table or organic, plus the meats are free-ranged. Since I’ve been watching what I eat, I’ve been optingContinue reading “Friday Night’s – Fillmore Street”

A Red Lipstick to Consider – Lady Danger by Mac

I’ve been meaning to walk into my neighborhood Mac Boutique, I mean it’s across from Nars on Fillmore Street. Why? because Lady Danger appealed to me when it was first launched and it’s been on my list of reds to consider.  I do get bored and rotate all of my reds before adding a newContinue reading “A Red Lipstick to Consider – Lady Danger by Mac”

February’s Red – Jungle Red by Nars

I wasn’t going to buy myself a new red, but found myself inside of our neighborhood Nars Boutique, buying Valentine’s Day gifts for my sisters. My friend Dalia (makeup artist extraordinaire) persuaded me to try on Jungle Red. She was wearing it herself, but when I first looked at the shade, it didn’t look likeContinue reading “February’s Red – Jungle Red by Nars”

My First Nude Lip – La Dolce Vita by Nars

Stands to say that Nars is a genius when it comes to whipping up the most gorgeous hues.  I’ve become obsessed with visiting my friend Dalia at my neighborhood Nars boutique on Fillmore Street.  I simply cannot walk by without popping in. This time I doubled up on what I think is my New signatureContinue reading “My First Nude Lip – La Dolce Vita by Nars”