Memorial Day Weekend


Thank goodness San Francisco is a foodie town, with new restaurants opening up weekly, there is always a new place to visit and discover.

Besides spending part of my Memorial Day weekend with my boyfriend, Mark.  I became obsessed with sandwiches from 4505 Burgers & BBQ, Iron Side and  Bun Mee.

I was starving when I was at 4505 and forgot to take a picture of my burger, and the same thing happened when Mark took me to dinner  and we ordered the Po’boy fried shrimp sandwich at Iron Side. Both places served  soul-food cuisine, and everything was free-ranged or farm-to-table.

photo-3Since I found myself alone part of the three-day weekend I finally took myself out to Bun Mee, a Vietnamese Sandwich shop, and because of the three-day weekend it wasn’t packed.

I ordered the steak sandwich and sweet potatoe fries. I loved it!

Afterwards I took myself to see Neighbors with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron.  A very funny movie that also featured Dave Franco.

So, what did you guys do?




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