Beauty Elixir We Can Make At Home

I know, I know we have a lot to drink.  I drink a lot of water during the day, I drink Chamomile Tea and Green tea and now I’m adding another beverage that promises to fix a lot of stuff. I love and came across a post today about the beneficial effects of VinegarContinue reading “Beauty Elixir We Can Make At Home”

Peach Cobbler For Breakfast

As I mentioned in a previous post, I didn’t like my actual birthday cake. I originally wanted a peach or cherry pie but was vetoed. I posted my comment to Facebook and my friend Hollie responded by bringing me a peach cobbler the next day.  It was so good and the most beautiful part wasContinue reading “Peach Cobbler For Breakfast”

A Girl’s Guide to Eating Well in San Francisco

This is going to be the 4th night in a row that my sisters and I ordered our dinner from Just looking at the menu makes you hungry and they deliver to your door or any location of your choosing. This is a great way to try food’s we don’t normally prepare ourselves atContinue reading “A Girl’s Guide to Eating Well in San Francisco”

Falling Off the Detox Wagon – Plentea

So, I have been pretty good about juicing and eating clean, but with falling off the detox wagon yesterday it was inevitable that I would continue rolling down that hill. I was planning on a liquid lunch today, but my co-worker told me about this new place called Plentea. All I can say is thatContinue reading “Falling Off the Detox Wagon – Plentea”

Running Errands – Flour & Co.

I took yesterday off due to the fact that I had a few doctor appointments.  On my way back from the first appointment I walked into Flour&Co.  An adorable bakery that sells a combination of Gluten Free baked goods and other freshly baked pastries. I actually visit Flour&Co after every doctor’s appointment, since it’s notContinue reading “Running Errands – Flour & Co.”

Friday Night – Date Night

After the hectic week we had, Mark and I planned a relaxed Friday evening.  We stayed local and tried a new restaurant named Troya, a Mediterranean inspired restaurant that served the most amazing food. Being on my strict meal restrictions I was still able to indulge in a lovely dinner of  chicken and chickpea salad. Continue reading “Friday Night – Date Night”

Detox Smoothie – Day 3

I was feeling dizzy, light-headed and sleepy yesterday, and that was because I didn’t have any of my Tulsi Organic Green Tea, I didn’t make that mistake again today. I stopped in at Native Juice but they were out of my detox soup, I had to improvise and have my favorite smoothie at Juice Shop,Continue reading “Detox Smoothie – Day 3”

Dextox Soup – Native Juice

Native Juice is this place that opened up near our office in the financial district.  I am a huge fan of their smoothies, but lately I’ve been hooked on their Detox Soup. I know it has cucumber puree and other green veggies but I can’t think of them now, maybe because I’m feeling a littleContinue reading “Dextox Soup – Native Juice”

Detoxing – The 2nd Day

I lost over 30 pounds by detoxing and juicing, plus making conscious food choices. Then I began enjoying gluten free bread a bit too much and other freshly baked goods from “Sift” and “Susie Cakes”. With too many birthdays and holidays I realized I was in danger of gaining my weight back, so far IContinue reading “Detoxing – The 2nd Day”